Direct Auto Import Inc. (DAI) made its debut on the scene in 1992 as an importer and wholesale distributor of aftermarket automotive accessories. The automotive passion is undoubtedly the force that guides and pushes us constantly to higher levels.

Through direct contact with our longtime manufacturers in Asia, as well as through experience in the field over the years, we are now developing our own product lines. Thus, we can be more responsive to market trends and even go so far as to create them.

As we gradually concentrate more of our energy in alloy wheels, our range of models and our inventory is constantly expanding. Our wheels are inspected for quality control by the most rigorous tests in the industry. Since 2011, here is the list of tests that establish our standards:

  • Dynamic Radial Fatigue
  • Dynamic Cornering Fatigue
  • Impact Testing
  • Rim Flange Strength
  • Torsional Fatigue
  • Strain Gauging/Stress Analysis
  • Rim Contour/Dimensional Checks
  • Leak Test
  • Metallurgical Tests Quality Testing and Material Certification of Raw Aluminum
  • Material Coatings Analysis Paint Thickness is Measured Electronically to Assure Best Possible Quality
  • Corrosion Evaluation
  • X-ray Inspection of Wheels for Air Inclusion and Impurities
  • Lateral and Radial Runout Tolerances

In addition, we offer a large selection of wheels that are suitable to withstand the harshest winters. A 2 year warranty on the finish is applied to some of them, thanks to their positive results on a new salt test.

DAI deploys the largest sales team in the country in the field of alloy wheels. It serves Canada from coast to coast and provides a distinguished service to all our customers. Our five distribution centers allow us to offer our products across the nation ensuring delivery on the same day or the following.

To facilitate the work of our dealers, our website offers a wheel search system by vehicle that is more efficient than ever. It contains a database of 100,000 applications (models and sub-models) whereas measures of 13 factors are considered to remove the guesswork from the equation.

Always from the perspective of sales support, we offer the opportunity for customers to have their own house brand with private packaging. Our marketing department creates customized advertising, promotional documents and other similar tools to help retailers communicate with their customers.

Following our passion, we are continually evolving toward realizing our full potential in order to benefit all who come into relationship with us.

DAI, always on the road!